L.A.Coats Art
L.A.Coats Art


Nothing is quite as unique and personal as a work of art made specially for you. 


If you have a photograph or idea you would like bringing to life in an artwork then look no further!


I take on commissions from a huge variety of clients and have created personal artworks  across a broad range of subjects including:


  • Individual Subjects and Family Portraits

  • Pets and Animal Portraits

  • Buildings and Architecture

  • Land & Seascapes

  • Celebrity and Memorial Portraits

  • Book & CD covers

  • Wedding & Celebration Pictures


Whereas some artists work primarily in one style and use one type of media (eg. a photorealistic painter) I am skilled with a great variety of media and adapt my style of work to your vision of the finished piece.


Why commission me?

It's your artwork!


Whatever your idea or desire for an artwork may be I am always happy to consider new things. Whether your idea is traditional, modern or a bit wacky I don't mind! Send it on over and I will see what I can do for you! 


Using the form below you can specify exactly what it is you are looking for in an artwork and I will endeavour to offer you the best possible options for your work.


Working from images:

For photo realistic or detailed art I work best from HD or good quality photographs.

For composite artwork (one picture made from a few photos) I usually ask for 2 or 3 different reference photos of the subjects, backgrounds, objects and or places that you want included in the artwork.

Not sure where to start?

Need more information to make an informed choice about your commission brief? Check out these downloadable information sheets to help you along!