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Finally! I have had surgery on my busted foot! Some metalwork has been removed and I am now up & about again without the Air Cast! It’s so nice, after 6 months, to be walking again (albeit still with a crutch or two). Graduation is just a couple of weeks away and I will be so proud to walk up to get my degree! Best of all I can now consider looking for full time work again! Watch this space for more news on that!

I will be having a bit of an overhaul here on my site in the next few days. A re-design. Currently it’s still a bit academic looking and focused still on being “assessment worthy” for the portfolio module I completed in May. I am going to do some work on it so it better reflects me as a artist & designer rather than me as a student looking for a good grade (which I did get by the way)! Watch this space for more news on that too!!

In the meantime here is my most recent painting commission for a private client in Bristol. She asked me to paint this portrait of Dave the dog for a friend’s Christmas present. Dave was a treasured family friend and as my Wren passed away a few years ago I felt a strong connection with this commission and was really happy to work on this. My client was very pleased with it. Always a delight to make art like this.


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