A Varying Degree of Pain and Pleasure

I have been in two minds about how to go about articulating recent events in my art and uni life. I have decided honesty is always the best policy…So here it is:
I broke my ankle, quite spectacularly in 3 places (and yes I am 30 years old and wearing Disney Pyjamas!!) I was rushed into surgery, had pins and plates inserted and spent 10 days in a hospital bed. This happened 3 weeks before the degree show. I am not going lie, it has been a very very difficult situation to deal with and I had to work tremendously hard to remain in the degree show. Unfortunately though, because of my accident I cannot yet share with you my final piece as it is not actual final! I have been granted an extension on my module deadlines and I am working towards healing and finishing my work to submit at a later date.

The upside is that I am still able to make it into the show. Thankfully I have got some amazing people helping me and I was very organised before my accident and had nearly everything prepared to begin building my installation. I am delighted to have been given such wonderful support by the university. My tutors have worked really hard to get me some helpers and to have my work re situated onto the ground floor (as I am now in a wheelchair when venturing out of the house! So I am currently experiencing a lot of pain but also it is a real pleasure to say that I SHALL still go to the ball!!

[Update 5/6/2015 – Apolopgies, I have been meaning to update and publish this post but got tinkering with the rest of the site design and it fell by the wayside a bit! The degree show was very good and my new assessment date has been issued now for the 15th June. I will update after this date has passed. For now though I am concentrating on doing the final bits for the installation. Ankle is healing well and I will be out of the cast next Friday! For now though, please watch this space!!