New Website!!!

Hello! Welcome and thank you for visiting my brand new website! Please feel free to browse and leave me any feedback you may have. You can contact me via the link above, leave me a comment or if you prefer Facebook or Twitter please use the links at the bottom!

Website Design: It’s been a long time in the making but finally I have arrived at a place where I am happy to publish this! It’s been quite the journey indeed! As you can see I have managed to integrate my new WordPress blog into the design which in itself has been quite a challenge! (I just have to copy and paste all my old posts over from blogspot now! Snore!)

I guess this journey started a half my lifetime ago when I was 15. I learned the very basics of HTML through friends and as a hobby. I only very recently, in my first year of university, learned CSS and since then I have been developing my skills over time. I was happy to hear that we are required to have a professional website as part of one of our modules and jumped at the chance to start afresh, “rebrand” myself and build something which really reflects my current art practice. I have chosen to build with quite a clean, fresh look in mostly black and white which compliments my love for tonal drawings.

Firstly, to write this site I decided to go back to basics and revise my prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. I looked to our booklist and found this awesome source! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of building a decent site from scratch:

Although I have spent a long time writing the HTML and CSS code for my website I have looked to the web for tutorials, info and example sites to help me learn and further develop my skills. For the menu bar and image galleries, as I have very little understanding of Javascript I have dipped in a little to some free resources (all acknowledged within the coding). There is a huge plethora of such things out there but these are a few I really recommend:

Also I have some awesome friends who have helped me now and in the past to understand better how this all works! Especial thanks to David Harris-James, Michael Stephenson, Jim Grimmet and Jan Doncom!!

The development is ongoing and right now, after finally managing to work out the integration process to get my blog on here, the next challenge is getting my mind around responsive design. Watch this space! 🙂