I have just been signed up with an online arts commission agency which I am quite excited about. I have just completed my first commission through them and I am really pleased with how it is going so far. Working with an agency wasn’t something I had considered doing before but it was recommended to me recently and I’m pleased I decided to give it a go!

For several years now I have been taken on private commissions. I have done a range of things including a bespoke postcard design, sign painting, marketing illustration and design; mostly though I specialising in making art for people who would just like a special piece of art. I’ve heard a few artists complain about being asked to paint pictures of other peoples dogs and babies because they would prefer bigger projects which will bring them wider recognition or fame even. I really don’t feel this way because I really love to make art for anyone regardless of the size of the audience for my work. All I ask for is to be paid for exercising my skills, the materials I use and the time I spend creating the work.

Believe it or not this is probably one of the bigger issues I have encountered in the past, people asking me to do commissions but expecting it to be for free or to just have to buy a canvas and have me work on it and say that they will show everyone and it will be good exposure for my art. It’s by no means an issue unique to me. I certainly believe I should be paid for my work, just as anyone working in a particular profession. If you are interested in reading more about the issue of artists being paid for their efforts please click here to read about the current campaign!