Bricoleur – Interim Art Show, Artemis House, York

How exciting! We have opened our interim degree show at the Salt & Powell gallery space at Artemis House in York. It’s been quite hectic trying to get everything ready. I’ve been on the technical team which means assisting with building false walls, filling holes, cleaning floors, sorting electric cables, endless wall painting and sanding…etc. I enjoy the work and it’s been good experience but can be frustrating at times as myself and a select few others have been at the space on time every day ready to work but the rest of the team tends to either come late or not turn up at all…such is life though. We have done the best we can with the people power we have.

My work is an small installation which centres around a man called Ian Zempech. He has a very unique problem: when he looks in a mirror or at a photo of himself he sees the image of a chimpanzee, the rest of the world sees him as a normal man. He has spent all his life trying to understand his condition and recently has done some work with a neurologist who has dubbed it with the term Primorphia. Primorphia is the name of my work incidentally and it is a small installation of his space. Ian is an avid maker of self-portraits to show the world how he seems himself so the space I have created for him is a kind of studio/sitting room which he habitually inhabits.

The idea of the interim show is to test out your final piece and see how it can be expanded on and brought forward into the end degree show. I am happy(ish) with my work but it needs to be bigger and more intimate. I want my final piece to be a really immersive experience, one in which the audience can really engage with Mr. Zempech and his plight and attempt to understand what he must experience in day to day life.