Gorilla – Gorilla, Gorilla

Final year is fully underway now at uni and I am in full on art mode! I’ve had some crazy ideas for my work this year which tie into my dissertation writing and they have resulted in this:

This is in fact my research! Not just the book I am reading for my dissertation but the whole gorilla suit wearing is a major part of my research for my studio module too. I have been doing a bit of charity work in my gorilla suit for Ape Action Africa the idea is for every £1 I raise I spend an hour in the gorilla suit. I’ve managed to raise a fair bit recently but I am bringing the project to an end soon, sadly, as final year takes priority over any other projects.

It’s been rather fun but very insightful too walking about as a gorilla. I recently went on a rather fun trip to Leeds College of Art to visit the studios there and the whole way was wearing the gorilla suit.