York Curiouser Festival – Workshop of Historical Corrections

This summer has been incredibly busy. I have had parallel projects running, the Midsummer Nights Dream project and this other, even bigger task. We have been commissioned by Janet Hodgson and York Curiouser Festival to produce work for the installation of The Workshop of Historical Correction at the historical site The Postern Tower in Fishergate, York.

It has been a really challenging and wonderful experience. Working alongside Janet, has been a really valuable insight into how a contemporary art project is put together. While we students are individually working hard making the physical artefacts for the Workshop Janet is making a video installation for the top floor which involves a lot of auditions, assistants, actors an editor etc… All in all it’s been quite the show!

My work was a fictionalised account of how William Shakespeare wrote his play. It was a play itself on the words “writers block”. The idea is that he had a kind of frame of cubes, a bit like an abacus; each cube had four words on it and the whole this formed eight rows, each with eight blocks which he spun to gain inspiration for his writing.

I made an online version of this for fun which was linked into the piece via a QR Code. You can find the online version here.