Thank you for joining in my novel adventure!! 


On this adventure I ask that you read the first few chapters extracted from a finished but raw manuscript. Traditionally, a literary agent/publisher ask for just the first three chapters. From this and a brief synopsis of the plot they decide whether to take a book to the next stage. I reeeeally would love to get to that next stage! So, I consider these as integral chapters to the future success of my novel.

I have also included the forth chapter too as a bonus, in case you enjoy my work and feel inclined to keep reading. 


The major purpose of this online focus group is not for you to help me write the book (I've done that already). I'm also not asking for your help in the greater part of the editing or formatting of the text...if it get's published there will be people who get paid to do that! However, there may be glaring errors still present in this raw manuscript which have slipped my attention. So, please do feel free to point them out if you like! 


What I am specifically looking for is your feedback on what it is like to be the reader of this story. 



Here's how this works: 


STEP 1Click this link to read the text (opens in new window as a downloadable PDF)


STEP 2: Complete this review form


The form is purposely set up so you can post your comments anonymously. Please be as honest as possible with your answers. As you will see the questions are not leading ones but quite open to give me a better understanding of what a reader will get from my novel.


Thanks in advance and HAPPY READING!



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