L.A.Coats Art

'Riverside View' - 2007,

Oil on Canvas

This painting was of a photograph I took on a mild December day. The sun was shining, steam was rising from the weir in rainbows and the leaves in the trees were still green and bright. The photo came out dull and didn't quite reflect how beautiful the view along the river was, so I painted it instead as a gift for my mother who used to take us there to that area for our birthdays when we were children. There had once been a cafe adjacent to this spot called "The Puppet Theatre" which was were we had many happy parties. Years later after a few changes of ownership it became the Riverside Cafe and my younger sister got a job there. Little did I know at the time that the bicycle chained to the railings in this picture was hers! She pointed it out to me when I showed her the original photo. 

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