L.A.Coats Art

'Man's Best Friend' - 2013,

Graphite on Paper

 I completed this drawing in 2013 went on to help me win the A.M.P Drawing Prize alongside two other entries from a couple of the UK's top art schools (Angela Ruskin's and Goldsmith's). The subject matter was very close to my heart at the time as someone dear to me was facing a very difficult housing situation and my beloved dog Wren was declining in health. I tried to focus equally on the man and his dog but have been told in recent years that it is the detail in the clothing that really steals the show. I'll leave it up to you to decide on that!

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More information on the A.M.P Drawing Prize:


A brief disclaimer:

This drawing was an done as a study of a photograph I found on Google that, at the time, was unattributed to a particular person. I have since managed to track down the original photographer of this image and hereby attribute full credit to him for the subject matter in this photograph. In creating this drawing it was not my intention to steal or claim ownership of another person's work but to make an interpretation of the image and pay homage to a moving and well captured subject and his dog.


You can see the original picture here and the photographer to whom it is attributed (JB-London). 

As for the story behind the subject matter it is just as emotive as the image itself, JB-London writes in his description of the photo:


"Like many homeless people, this guy was is an ex-serviceman - having fought and been injured in several major British campaigns. With his dog, it is difficult to get a place in a shelter - thus he usually sleeps on the streets. He told me that he had a real problem with tiredness. The local council apparently wakes up homeless people in the middle of the night (3am) to move them on. Seen begging in the Covent Garden area of London."


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