L.A.Coats Art

'16th Century Selfie' - 2014,

Oil on Canvas

This was a piece I did for an exhibition in York in collaboration with Janet Hodgson called
 'The Workshop of Historical Corrections'; part of the York Curiouser Festival in summer of 2014. The exhibition focused on the idea of correcting the innacuracies of historical information - however, instead of presenting the audience with true historical facts we were given the task of creating work which deliberately tells false stories relating to real histories. Alongside this work I created a false artifact called "Shakespeare's Writers Block" which was a machine made in the style of an abacus; a frame with rows of cubes covered in words. This was meant to be the device which inspired the Bard to write his plays. 

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'Elizabeth of York'

More Information on my work in The Workshop of Historical Correction Exhibition

These are a few photographs of my other work in the exhibition:

'Shakespeare's Writer's Block'

"Shakespeare's Writers Block"


More information about York Curiouser Festival

It was with much sadness to hear that Janet Hodgson passed away earlier this year, her work was truly inspiring. Working with her was a privilage and I shall never forget the experience.