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The adventures of Bramblehoof

This is a children's book series I am currently working on. The Adventures of Bramblehoof is a story of a quirky Shetland Pony who escapes his sad life in captivity and goes on a mission to find a happy home.


I am hoping to have this book published by winter 2016. 




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Bramblehoof was inspired by a real life pony I met in York. He was living chained up in a hedge and in poor condition. I befriended him and although there wasn't much myself or the authorities could do at the time for him years later I still wonder about the fate of that sweet little horse. This inspired me to write an adventure story about him and give him the happy life in pictures that he may not have had in the real world.

The first book has been written and fully illustrated and now I am in the process of getting it ready for publishing. There will be more information on this in the future. Please watch this space!

The Adventures of Bramblehoof